Swag Curtains: A Simple Home Décor

swagProviding window treatment for your house need not only coverings but you must do it with style. Since the things you will hang on your window are the main attraction from the outside, why don’t you use swag curtains for an additional wall art?

What are swag curtains

Swag curtains are made up of two triangular-type curtains that are equally divided into the left and right side emphasizing the center of the window. This is also called swag window curtain or swag window treatment and they usually hang on the living room.

Swag curtains add dramatic effect and finishing touches on your room. It gives both the formality and the relaxing look that you desire. This kind of curtain can set the mood of the room by adding extra frame on the window.

How to choose a swag curtain

In choosing the styles for your swag curtains, remember to look for something that will compliment and reflects the style of the room where you will place it. It must also dwell with the color of the wall, and with the furniture’s style and make-up. Bear in mind that your swag curtains must gel with the overall appearance of the house.

Swag Curtains, on the other hand, you don’t need to buy expensive swag for your home decor. You can have this personally made for an additional homey touch. Making a swag window curtains is just simple and easy.


First step is to decide for the design of your swag window curtains. It will greatly depend on the aura you want to create for your house. Formal style will need an expensive swag matched with drapes. A combination of swag and a valance will give additional texture to your wall. If you opt for simplicity, swag scarf will give just that.


Next is to decide for the length and width of you swag curtains. How long it will be varies on how extended your swag window curtains from the edges of the window you want. For the width, make sure that your curtains length and width measurement is exactly the same and distributed evenly to highlight the center. Add some extra length for the drapes.


When choosing for the color and pattern of the fabric that you will use for your swag curtains, choose the one that will serve your purpose. Silk is to be used if you want to create a formal look in the room while a sheer in neutral color will accent the overall feel of the place.


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